Best Ways to Watch Movies for Free

Smartphones and iOS devices have got better and better with each passing date and it is a house of entertainment with a plethora of games, videos, music and flicks. It gets slightly difficult to wait for the movies of your choice to be downloaded online after a rigorous search through various film sites. What is all the flicks and videos and even the TV series were easily available on your smart devices and you could bag an unlimited entertainment forever? Exciting! It is quite possible with all the trending movie apps that are coming up in recent times. So use your smartphone and iOS devises beyond their traditional usage of calling and texting and watch numerous flicks and videos to cherish a full-fledged entertaining experience.

The movie apps that have buzzed the market and is highly popular owing to its brilliant features are listed below. They are best free movie apps one can think of to watch flicks and series of their choice for absolutely free of cost!

Cinema Box

Cinema Box prior known as Playbox HD is a highly demanded free movie app that allows streaming of audio, videos and flicks on all iOS and smart devices. It has a few striking features like Chrome cast support which allows casting of videos and movies on the bigger screen for better effect, watch movies on offline mode by saving them for later and subtitle’s support. This enables the users to watch regional flicks or films of different languages too. You can thus break the barriers of entertainment and cherish thousands of your favorites with CinemaBox.

MegaBox HD

MegaBOX HD is another trending free movie app for all Android smartphones. The app does not claim much storage space and it occupies just about 1.8 MB. It offers free streaming of flicks in 2 different qualities 720p and 360p. A huge collection of movies are available on Moviebox that allows users to search for films of all categories easily.

Movie Box

MovieBox is one of the highest downloaded free online movie apps that is currently being used by millions of users in US. The app is easily available and runs on a very simple and easy interface which makes it handy and hassle-free to look for flicks from your favorites. Also, every month new movies and videos are added to the enormous collection to make it even better. You can also save the flicks for late to watch them in offline mode. Streaming of videos and TV series is also possible with Movie Box. It has multiple highlighting features which helps it stand out from rest of the free movie apps. The link to download this app is available on the official site.

Newestmovie HD

Newest Movie HD allows free watching of flicks without any subscription. You can download the flicks for free and also stream and watch them anytime. In this app, the IMDB ratings of films can also be checked that helps you watch good movies. It is a basic with some simple features and easy to use but one of the best to watch movie owing to its free of cost feature.

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