WWE 2K18 review: Is it worth buying?

It is safe to say that the last WWE games were far from what customers expected or wanted. WWE Universe mode versions were well known for their unexpected glitches and they displayed general dissatisfaction.

Customers share contradicting opinions about this game on GamingBuff.com. Some of them really believe that it has gone through a massive upgrade and that it is worth buying. Meanwhile, other gamers are opposed to this statement remarking that WWE 2k18 is more of a Black Friday kind of game.

My Career mode improved, finally

This is where the things get confusing. The career mode of all the WWE games has always been a nerve-wracking experience but customers still call out claiming that it is the best mode of the entire game. In the last versions, it always failed to function properly but the gamers were able to see the huge potential of it, that’s why it has always been harshly criticized.

However, it looks like this last release they modified and altered is so that finally after all the begging, it is massively improved due to better rigs time and more importantly, it is story driven.


It is true that the game has some remaining glitches yet but it has improved a lot compared to older versions. To be honest, many games these days suffer from these glitches so this is something inevitable.

It is also true that comparing the glitches from this game, you realize that some of them could be easily avoided. Luckily, many users have taken this with humor and you are now able to find videos of funny WWE glitch compilations on YouTube.

Bug problem

One of the biggest problems that they had to face every year, apart from glitches, was the constant bugs that made it difficult to take the game seriously and regret buying it. Actually, it looks like they haven’t been able to erase and fix all of them.

One of the most remarkable or obvious ones is when playing online; you can custom your wrestlers’ name. Instead of pronouncing them correctly, the game mispronounces even the simplest names. However, they announced that in a short period of time, a path will be coming so that it will be fixed soon.

More realistic

One of the biggest improvements to have in mind when deciding whether to buy the game or not is the smoother actions of the wrestlers.
This is easy to see and it is all thanks to little modifications and alterations in the movements giving them a more realistic view. For example, they implemented the ability to carry around your opponents in mid-air to later powerbomb or body slam in another place.

Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition?

If you are really willing to buy the game, keep in mind that it will be out in two editions; Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition.

The difference between these two is that in the Standard Edition, you won’t be able to play with some iconic characters, such as Kurt Angle, Batista and the special version of John Cena.
These are some of the key aspects of the new WWE 2k18 that you should keep in mind.


In conclusion, they did upgrade the game and it has gone through an important improvement but there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed yet.

Top 5 Computer Programming Languages

Just as humans, computer programs are created with different programming languages that they do understand and on different platforms. There is about 2500+ computer languages. These computer programming languages allow us to give instructions to a computer in a language the computer understands. Here’s a list of Top 5 Computer Programming Languages;

1. Java

It’s a high-level Object Oriented Programming language that is statically typed. This language has recolonized the development of other languages before it was released. This is because it provides complete support that allows for cross-platform execution through its Java Virtual Machine (JVM) system. Most institutions and companies have widely adopted Java since it has been strong for a long time.


  • Platform independent: Java allows the programs to be developed and run anywhere as long as JVM is installed.
  • Wide-Reaching: It is used by most companies and enterprises worldwide
  • Easy to Debug: It is easy to correct errors in Java
  • It takes care of menial activities in the background makes it easier for the programmer to focus on the building feature
  • Java supports many types of data with ease. Examples of raw data that can be processed by Java include: Integers, Strings, and Decimals etc.

2. Python

In industry, Python is among the most in-demand programming languages. It’s popular when it comes to web development, cloud infrastructure, scientific computation, machine learning and data science. This is because its basics are very easy to master; it is also very adaptable and diligent.


  • Free and Open Source: It is freely downloaded for commercial use.
  • Fewer lines of code: Its fewer lines of code are of greater functionality.
  • Versatile: It’s used in many applications hence demanded by many developers.

3. C

It is a general purpose imperative programming language that is known to supports structured programming. It can be used to create a list of commands that are executable on the computer.


  • Support cross-platform programming since it is available in multi-platforms
  • Allows for the access of the hardware hence high possibility of creating tiny binary
  • Clear and easy to understand.

4. Visual Basic

This event-driven programming language was released in 1991 hence classified as a third-generation programming language that allows programmers to use Graphical User Interface GUI in the modification of code sections from basic languages.


  • Very friendly and interactive
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Provision of multi-vendor support
  • Used in both stand-alone and distributed applications

5. Structured Query Language (SQL)

This is a domain-specific language that was developed for the purpose of managing information in a relational database by requesting information about an entity from the database. It was designed in 1974 by an IBM research center. In order to manipulate or update data in the database, SQL statements are used.

Advantages of SQL

  • It’s quick and efficient to retrieve a large amount of data from the database.
  • Secured access to the information since access can be restricted.
  • Data can be viewed without being stored in the object iv. Tables can be joined and viewed as one object by the user


From the above conclusion, it is vivid that the popular and topmost computer programming languages are great advantages both to the programmers and the users. By research in terms of application and usage, the top 5 computer programming languages are found to be Java, Python, C, VB, and SQL.

Best Ways to Watch Movies for Free

Smartphones and iOS devices have got better and better with each passing date and it is a house of entertainment with a plethora of games, videos, music and flicks. It gets slightly difficult to wait for the movies of your choice to be downloaded online after a rigorous search through various film sites. What is all the flicks and videos and even the TV series were easily available on your smart devices and you could bag an unlimited entertainment forever? Exciting! It is quite possible with all the trending movie apps that are coming up in recent times. So use your smartphone and iOS devises beyond their traditional usage of calling and texting and watch numerous flicks and videos to cherish a full-fledged entertaining experience.

The movie apps that have buzzed the market and is highly popular owing to its brilliant features are listed below. They are best free movie apps one can think of to watch flicks and series of their choice for absolutely free of cost!

Cinema Box

Cinema Box prior known as Playbox HD is a highly demanded free movie app that allows streaming of audio, videos and flicks on all iOS and smart devices. It has a few striking features like Chrome cast support which allows casting of videos and movies on the bigger screen for better effect, watch movies on offline mode by saving them for later and subtitle’s support. This enables the users to watch regional flicks or films of different languages too. You can thus break the barriers of entertainment and cherish thousands of your favorites with CinemaBox.

MegaBox HD

MegaBOX HD is another trending free movie app for all Android smartphones. The app does not claim much storage space and it occupies just about 1.8 MB. It offers free streaming of flicks in 2 different qualities 720p and 360p. A huge collection of movies are available on Moviebox that allows users to search for films of all categories easily.

Movie Box

MovieBox is one of the highest downloaded free online movie apps that is currently being used by millions of users in US. The app is easily available and runs on a very simple and easy interface which makes it handy and hassle-free to look for flicks from your favorites. Also, every month new movies and videos are added to the enormous collection to make it even better. You can also save the flicks for late to watch them in offline mode. Streaming of videos and TV series is also possible with Movie Box. It has multiple highlighting features which helps it stand out from rest of the free movie apps. The link to download this app is available on the official site.

Newestmovie HD

Newest Movie HD allows free watching of flicks without any subscription. You can download the flicks for free and also stream and watch them anytime. In this app, the IMDB ratings of films can also be checked that helps you watch good movies. It is a basic with some simple features and easy to use but one of the best to watch movie owing to its free of cost feature.